Free Standing Steel Storage Unit

The main problem with bureaus and apartments is the lack of storage space. Sometimes we buy a case for our apartment and then, when we want to redecorate it, we realize it doesn’t fit anymore the new design and space. The designer Pietro Arosio tried to resolve this problem and created the free Standing Steel Storage unit CITYBOX.

Its design is very urban and fits any modern space, without interfering with its design. The case is very compact and can be putted almost anywhere. If you need more storage space you can use several storage units without risking a fragmented look. You can install your CITYBOX in your office, your modern living room, your kitchen, play room or just anywhere you feel like.

Its neutral design allows us to putt it anywhere we need. But this doesn’t mean its simple design is an unattractive one.  Being made of steel, this case has a bright look which gives the impression of space and light, adding a little modern elegance to your room. The case has a modern and practical steel locker which will keep your documents safe. The steel design makes this locker immortal. It will not be damaged easily and the design will never get out of fashion. We can opt for more variants of this locker, with wooden or steel walls, or you can also demand for a personalized hue. With a practical and fancy design, the CITYBOX storage unit will be the star of your office, kitchen, or any room.

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