Formula 1-inspired bed by Ora-Ito

The most common race-car-inspired beds are those usually designed for children and that re actually shaped like a car. However, those have a specific type of user in mind and don’t target a sophisticated public. Recently, Ora-Ito decided to change that perspective and to make the transition from a playful design to a sophisticated piece of furniture designed for a more elevated public.

This bed has a minimalist design and it was created as a homage to Ayr¬ton Sen¬na. The bed is a part of the Frighetto collection and it was designed in 2007. It can be easily distinguished by the shape and the masculine design. Moreover, this is not actually a bed per se. It’s in fact a combination of furniture pieces. The designer incorporated the bedside tables into the structure of the bed. This way the result was a bed with an orange key shape.

The bed also includes two very practical storage compartments. The storage spaces have the form of a Formula 1 circuit. The bed is made from wood and polyurethane. It has a very simple design with a single line. It’s a minimalist piece of furniture that has all the functions required in a sleeping area. The overall dimensions of the bed are 87,8 – 91,7 – 15,35 in and it comes in two color combinations: black and white and white and red.

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