Flame Coffee Tables from Opulent Items

Fireplace comes in a variety of models and ideas, giving a new look to your house. Here are four coffee tables that incorporate a nice fiery touch with help from clean burning ethanol burners. I love this idea because I’m a big fan of coffee tables.

Flame Coffee Tables from Opulent Items2

The idea is actually very ingenious. It combines two completely different features: a coffee table and a fire place. You never though they could be put together but you were wrong.  Not only that the coffee table themselves look very modern and elegant, but they also a very surprising features incorporated. I wonder if the fireplaces can be used to make coffee. It could save even more time. You wouldn’t have to go to the kitchen to prepare it. That would be really cool. However you should be careful if you have children. This type of features can be very dangerous for them. But not all the pieces can be perfect. This one is very close to perfection.


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