Fire Line Automatic by Planika

Here we are with yet another interesting fireplace design. As you probably noticed already, modern fireplace are not at all similar to traditional fireplaces. They have become more practical meaning that some of them are portable and not built-in fixtures and they also have some very interesting designs, one more striking than the other. Fire Line Automatic is one of those items that catches your attention and eventually makes you take it home with you.

Fire Line Automatic is the latest creation of Planika and it was designed primarily for architects and interior designs. Still, it’s a very versatile product and it can be used either as a free-standing fireplace or mounted on the wall or onto a shelf for example. Either way it would be a focal point of attention in your home and it will probably be the subject of many conversations.

This simple and sleek fireplace is a completely safe product an UL compliant and CE certified device. It’s a fully automatic appliance featuring a large LED display and it can be operated with a remote control. There’s also a 4-degree flame regulatory system. The product is made of stainless steel, acid proof steel and a powder-coated base. It’s a very versatile device, a universal product that can be used in any room that has ventilation.{found here}

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