Fiesta – a bar counter that hides a brilliant secret

Some pieces impress with their simplicity and lack of fragrant details while others stand out in a very imposing way. Fiesta is a piece that could be included in both categories. That’s because it has the ability to completely change its appearance depending on the time of day. Fiesta is a bar counter that was designed by Archivolto in 2010 and that hides a brilliant secret.

The bar counter was designed for entertainment purposes and for places such as holiday residences, beach terraces and such. Normally, it would seem like a very simple and minimalist piece. But it has a very striking way of standing out. That’s because Fiesta is a luminous bar counter and, at night, it lights up and emits powerful but not disturbing light all around it. When seen from far away it’s like a shiny star fallen on earth. The minimalist design now makes even more sense.

The bar is composed of several modular units. They can be combined and arranged in any way you want. One of the forms you can create is a circle but numerous other forms can be created as well. The Fiesta bar was designed for entertainment and it can also be used as a single piece. Its ability to radically change its appearance from plain and simple to bright and powerful makes it particularly versatile.

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