Eye-catching furniture collection from Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl is a famous and very talented Danish designer. In fact, he’s multitalented being known as an architect, industrial and interior designer as well as furniture designer. He creates very inspiring pieces and he helped define the Danish design that we all know today. Here are some of his creations that we think you’ll enjoy.Notice that most of his creations, not only the ones presented here, have such sleek and delicate designs and yet they impress with their overall look.

The frames are unusually stylish and complex and yet they have such a simple design. Finn Juhl manages to impress with his ability to come with artistic designs that still look natural. The selection presented several chairs, all with different designs and based on different concepts.

Some of them are simple and have a natural look while other try to impress with the combination of color and texture. All the pieces are very elegant even though they have casual designs. Finn Juhl shows us what the Nordic design is all about. It’s mostly simplicity but when combined with quality and high craftsmanship the results are exceptional. Also, there is a very distinguished style that can be observed here. The pieces seem natural and yet appealing and very delicate. Each one of them would make a great addition to any type of home.

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