Expensive Furniture Showroom in New York

Promemoria is a really great Italian furniture maker owned by the Sozzi family. It took them nearly a century to open a showroom in America but it’s finally here. Now everyone can enjoy and admire their exceptionally crafted Italian furniture. Promemoria is now available through a New York showroom.

The Sozzi family comes from the mountains of Lecco near Lake Como. They used to build carriages for Italian Nobility in the 19th century and then the family grew and moved on to make exquisite cabinetry and furniture. Today the family business is under the guidance of Romeo Sozzi and his three sons, Stefano, David and Paolo. The company is famous for the incredibly beautiful handcrafted furniture.

Their exquisite Italian furniture is created using only the finest materials. They are made using leather, cashmere, silk and velvet together with Murano glass and exotic woods such as zircote. Each product is custom-made according to the client’s requests. This also means that the delivery takes around 14 weeks. Their portfolio is extensive and it includes lots of great designs such as a lovely bedside table that comes in 15 different colors, a stingray chest with leather interiors and a leather-lined bar. The prices vary between $15.000 and $100.000. From my opinion I think it’s a very very expensive shop!

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