Expensive Cabriella Piato Crystal Table

With a table you probably want an equal share of functionality and design. Depending on your personality those equal shares aren’t that equal. For instance I would focus more on functionality; because I am a man I have to be the rational part in a couple. My girlfriend on the other hand would look for something pretty that looks good and it is probably something that doesn’t necessarily need immediate attention, most of the time our old table works just fine.Both ways are correct because each of us sees something different in the same thing. Despite all that I can find it very hard to choose this table for its functionality.

Who am I kidding, this Gabriella Piato dining table was designed to impress with its marvelous design with exclusive geometrical shape and an interesting Swarovski Crystal detail on the base.This durable table features a high gloss finish perfect for any glamorous interior. This furniture piece measures 120 cm W x 120 cm H x 75 cm D and has a special charm that would work wonderfully in a stylish ambiance.

I can’t talk about a color scheme because it doesn’t have one, I can only mention the massive black pillar supporting the top. Black means elegancy and a piece like this is always elegant and special. The price is not relevant because people who are looking for this kind of furniture don’t care about the price tag, they focus on value.Available for £ 9,600.00.

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