Exclusive Bellissimo bedroom furniture

The bedroom is supposed to be the more calm, quiet and relaxing room of the house. However, each person seems to have a different perception of tranquility. So for some of us, this might mean neutral colors, minimalist furniture and a very comfy bed. For other it might mean an elegant and luxurious room where they can feel like kings and queens.

If you belong in the second category we have just the thing for you. We discovered a very glamorous and unique furniture collection meant to make your dreams come true. The collections features matching piece of furniture with very precious details. All the pieces are made of hardwood, a very sturdy and durable material. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite furniture for many years to come. The collection features decorative resin carvings and molding in a mahogany-colored finish.

In this collection you’ll be able to find everything you need for a bedroom. There’s a queen bed, measuring 94″ L x 67″W, with the headboard measuring 73″T and the footboard 41″T. There’s also a king bed, measuring , 94″ L x 84″W, headboard 73″T, footboard 41″T.. To these, you can add a very functional bachelor chest with four drawers that will help you store your things and keep the room clean and organized.

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The chest measures 42″W x 21″D x 42″T. Also, you can opt for one or two nightstands, featuring three drawers and measuring 34″W x 18″D x 32″T. The collection also includes an armoire with a mirrored front, one drawer, clothes rod, two adjustable shelves, electrical outlet, and punch-out back, measuring 48″W x 25″D x 84″T and a dresser with 12 drawers (72″W x 21″D x 43″T). As you can see, this collection has everything you need to make your bedroom look royal.Available from $1,499.



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