Entryway Table Decor Ideas For A Good First Impression

First impressions are important and inevitable. The first time we see a person we form an impression which is not easy to change once we get to know that person better and the same thing happens when we enter someone’s home. The entryway is the first thing we see and a welcoming decor can definitely set a good mood. Sure, this space has to be practical and often includes storage modules but it’s nice to also create a pleasant look with some beautiful entryway table decor. That’s what we’ll focus on in this article.

The entryway is usually quite small so a console table is able to fit in here just right. You can decorate the table with all sorts of things like ornamental sculptures, vases or planters. Of course, you’d need to find plants that do well in the shade since there’s usually not much natural light in here or you can use faux plants instead.

An eye-catching painting can really bring together everything in this space. How about an abstract painting displayed on the wall, just above that console table or storage cabinet you keep in your entryway?

You can also make your entryway feel welcoming by making sure there’s sufficient natural light in here. Usually that’s an almost impossible task so look for alternatives. A beautiful table lamp can definitely have a positive and unifying effect on the space.

A beautiful piece of furniture can have a strong impact on the entryway decor as well so pick your console table or cabinet accordingly. Then focus on what you want to display on top of that piece. Think about grouping objects with similar characteristics like vases for example.

Some of the most beautiful and balanced entryway table decor examples are those that showcase a combination of different objects with different functions. For instance, you can display a table lamp next to a vase and a piece of wall art.

Speaking of entryways and things that you can display on their tables and their walls, how about taking advantage of those must-have items like the mirror to create a decor that’s a perfect blend between looks and functionality?

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It can be nice to add a dash of color to your entryway table decor in the form of a vase filled with fresh flowers or a decorative object that stands out in its own colorful way. It can also be interesting to play with different color combinations or with certain finishes and materials to create a pleasant visual effect.

There are no rules as to what you should or should not display on your entryway table. Just think of what you’d like to see upon entering your home or what best describes your own style or the overall decor and ambiance in your home. A stack of books and a table table can reflect for love for literature for example.

Don’t focus too much on the idea of storage, at least not when it comes to the entryway table decor. Think of the entryway more in terms of a space meant to set a mood and to introduce someone into the context of your home. The entryway table itself can be one of the focal points.

In this particular setting, the bold color of the wall plays an important role in the overall decor and ambiance of this entryway. the table is actually a storage cabinet but its function is similar to that of a console. The flower vase is the main decorative piece and is complemented by those square ornamental wall pieces.

A busy entryway table decor where there’s too much going on can have an overwhelming effect on the viewer so perhaps it would be best to keep things simple. How about a set of clear glass vases? Some can be left empty and some can hold a few delicate flower stems, either real or faux.

It’s pretty common to decorate the entryway table with cute little planters or with flower vases. We usually like to add a fresh vibe to this space and plants are the best way to do it. If you fear there’s not enough sunlight in your entryway, consider displaying a terrarium instead.

Here’s a nice trick: place a vase filled with flowers or a planter in front of the entryway mirror. It will be reflected into the mirror and this will create a cool visual effect and will emphasize this particular detail in your entryway decor.

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Or how about a sculptural vase placed strategically on the entryway table, in front of the mirror? That could potentially look pretty awesome too. This is a simple but at the same time very efficient decor trick that you can apply in any space that has a mirror.

It might also be interesting to play with contrasts by displaying a white vase next to a black one on the entryway table. Also, it could be fun to mix and match different geometric forms or to combine items with clean and straight lines with items that have delicate curves.

Pairs of objects are another option. Check out this stylish entryway. It has two round mirrors on the wall and a table lamp with two shades. That’s a pretty cool combo which you could personalize in all sorts of interesting and original ways.

There are a lot of cool ways in which you can combine some of the decor strategies and ideas we just showed you. Take this entryway for example. It’s decorated with pairs of objects placed in front of a mirror and two of the objects are table lamps.

In this case the flower vase is the centerpiece of the entryway table decor, even though there are also other objects, the table included, which stand out in their own way and which could take on this role with ease. It’s the colors that make the flower vase special.

These two abstract painting are not actually displayed on the entryway console but they complement it in a very beautiful way. However, the space would feel a bit incomplete if nothing at all were displayed on the console.

A limited array of colors or a chromatic palette formed of only neutrals can potentially look awesome too. It’s all in the details. You can play with different types of textures and finishes to compensate for the lack of color.



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