Eloquence Medici Coffee Table With An Antique Feel

Classic European design had and still has a great influence around the world. If you wonder why, let me tell you that some, if not all of the greatest personalities who had something to say about beauty, art and eventually design were born in Italy , France and so on. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest people who revolutionized and changed completely the face of design and architecture, Michelangelo as well. They introduced great details in their work, opening new roads towards architectural complexity and style.

No wonder everybody tried to mimic some parts of their work in various furniture elements. Why furniture? Because these objects were available for the masses creating so an opportunity for cultivating a cultural current.  This collection tries to bring into our homes superb reproductions of antique furnishings. Fluted column legs and an undulating box stretcher define this Medici coffee table.

I would have to mention the fact that all these are very skillfully hand carved in beech wood and constructed using traditional mortise and tenon joinery.A water-based paint was applied finished in Gustavian Gray to resemble natural wear and tear for  a wonderful vintage appeal.  It costs around $1,400.00 and it could be the missing piece to your décor especially that measures 50”W x35”D x19”H . You could get a very cool effect with this piece because it’s not just furniture, it has a story and most of all it has noble origins.

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