Elegant Ludwig Sideboard

Designed by Lodovico Acerbis in 2005, the Ludwig sideboard is a very beautiful combination of elegance, style and functionality. Its design is impressing not because of the size or details but because of the lack of details and simplicity of the whole piece. Why add useless and pointless decoration and details to something that is already beautiful when you could leave it plain and simple and make it more visibly beautiful this way?

The Ludwig sideboard is definitely a very stylish and elegant piece of furniture. It’s not just the minimalist design that makes it special but also the artistic way in which materials are combined in order to create this image. The base and the sides of the sideboard are made of steel. This provides resistance and durability and it also creates a nice contrast with all the other materials, colors and textures. The sideboard also features an ingenious opening system. The large front panel tilts down and retracts slightly, while part of the top mysteriously rises to reveal the full contents of the sideboard.

The Ludwig sideboard is actually not a predefined design. It features several different designs, with different combinations of materials and colors. Nevertheless, each one of them is unique and equally elegant. It’s a very beautiful piece of furniture that would complement a simple living room or even a bedroom.

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