Elegant Bento End Table

People say that the hourglass figure is a sign of elegance and beauty. It might be true for a lot of things, but the table is not one of them. The Bento end table is a very nice table but it seems that the design doesn’t really work in this case. I’m not saying it’s not a beautiful table, I’m just saying that it could look a lot better.

The idea was to create a table that has beautiful curved lines and a stylish design. The result was the Bento end table. It has curved lines and an hourglass structure but to me it looks a little odd. It’s made of wood and rich oak veneers and it has a dark finish. The overall image is pretty elegant. The dimensions of this piece of furniture are 24″W x 24″D x 21″H. It’s a very simple table, without any other details and accessories than the actual shape. It’s also a very versatile piece as it can be included in almost any type of home. It can be used as an end table but also as a nightstand, maybe even as a seat, if you flip it.

The Bento end table is available for $499. It’s a good-looking piece, with beautiful features but it doesn’t have that spark, that something special. It’s just a simple table.

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