Easter Bunny and Chicken Candles

I love the two most important religious holidays over the year – Easter and Christmas because they are special and usually they are the reason why all family members gather and have a good time together. And I also like preparing the house for the holiday. So I try to find something special every Easter to make my home both welcoming and original. So I surfed the web and I found these cute little candles in the shape of Easter bunnies and yellow chickens.

They are so beautiful and delicate and they make the atmosphere cozy and pleasant, fun and happy. It’s full of symbolism, too, as the Easter Bunny is the Easter version of Santa Claus and the chickens are very closely connected to the eggs, which are also very important to Easter. These candles are very well detailed and they are obtained by pouring the hot wax into the mold and then letting it get cold and solid.

The manufacturers make sure they have the right colour, so the Easter Bunnies candles are brown and the chickens candles are yellow, so they are not that obviously candles. You can use them as fine decorations for the Easter meal and your guests will love your idea. The bunny candle can be bought for $14 and the chicken one for $6.

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