Dominion Tables by Michal Maciej Bartosik

At one instance they are perfectly solid and in another they are a mere void, such is the nature and the true description of the Dominion tables. If any of you were present at the ICFF you would have understood what I am talking about, for the other, it is the dominion series from Michal Maciej Bartosikthat are being talked about here.

Dominion indeed is a complete series of light objects that reproduce the abstract universal plane ad infinitum. What is interesting is that the products are ambiguous in form and scale and they exist as both solids and voids. The series is now a part of the Klaus Collection and is available through Klaus by Nienkamper.

Coffee tables are usually a decorative piece. So there are a lot of different designs when it comes to this furniture piece. People are no longer satisfied with a simple and plain design so they want more. Usually the most common choice is wood but there are also a lot of glass coffee table that seem to be very appreciated. Here’s a combination of those too. It’s a really beautiful coffee table. It has an unique design. I like the shape. It’s simple but sophisticated and impressing. It’s one of the most impressive coffee tables I’ve seen. It’s amazing how simple it is to create something so special and unique.

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