DIY Furniture Projects Made Of Whole Pallets

Our last inspirational article for today will focus on pallet furniture. We’ve already pretty much covered all the bases when it comes to this concept but there’s still one aspect to be discussed. The following projects show you how to use whole pallets to create practical furniture for your home. No cutting and disassembling is required.

Platform Bed.

Depending on the size of your mattress, you’ll need between 4 and 8 pallets for this project. Simply secure them together and make two levels to create an elevated platform bed. You can paint the pallets any color you prefer.

Comfy Ottoman.

Place two or three pallets one on top of the other, a comfy mattress or cushion on top and tie them all together with elastic fabric or even with repurposed belts. You’ll make a lovely ottoman to use in the living room.

Kitchen Pot Rack.

Store and organize all your pots and pans with a DIY pallet rack. All you need is a wooden palette which you mount on the wall with hooks and brackets. Place it underneath the ceiling to save space.{found on agreenpointkitchen}.

Vertical Pallet Garden.

Pallets are excellent for building vertical gardens which you can install in your balcony, on the patio or even on a wall in your home. All you have to do is paint the pallet an attractive color and place it vertically anywhere you want.

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Labeled Herb Garden.

If you use chalk paint for the pallet, then you’ll be able to label your plants. You can also always use actual labels, markers and other methods. Transform the pallet into a herb garden for your kitchen.

Gardening Table.

Instead of doing your gardening on the driveway or some other uncomfortable place, build yourself a gardening table. You can use one or two pallets, strap hinge, a few screws and some hooks to organize your tools.{found on sasinteriors}.

Turn Them Into A Bar.

Take two wooden pallets and connect them like you see in the photos. Place them vertically and add a table top or a counter. You’ll get a bar which you can then use on the terrace, patio or even in your kitchen or dining room.

Another Small Bar.

Here’s another bar, this time smaller, also built from a pallet. Something like this can be useful in the kitchen, dining area, basement, etc. it can also serve as a wine rack. Just find a good spot for it and place it there. Mount it on the wall to save floor space.


Pallets can be easily turned into bookshelves. You just have to mount them on the wall. No cutting is necessary. Feel free to customize the bookshelves with your choice or paint, color and texture.

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Coffee Table.

Take a pallet, clean it and paint it if you want, then install four castors in the corners. Now you can use it as a coffee table for your lovely outdoor sitting area. And if your home has a casual or rustic décor, you can even take inside.

Outdoor Seating.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that pallets work great outdoors where they can be turned into useful furniture. Another great example is this comfy daybed/ bench. It’s built with wooden pallets and cushions.

Wall-mounted Shelves.

Need some storage or display space for your entryway or any other room of the house? Try a pallet shelving unit. Just take the pallet and add a few pieces of wood to create the actual shelves.

Garden Tool Rack.

Keep all your gardening tools nice and organized with a pallet rack. You don;t have to do any work. Just take the pallet and place it vertically against the wall. All your big tools will fit inside.



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