Dining Stools Hot Design Trends

From industrial to earthy to sleek, neatly stashed out of the way when not in use, dining stools offer an array of possibilities in terms of functionality and style.


You want to add modernity and personality to your dining space?

Then, focus on dining stools, an alternative to dining chairs because they are experiencing a revival.

Versatile, easily stashed under tables when not necessary, dining stools offer seating and style and add visual interest.

Plus, they can be used as side tables.

Note that whatever their style, stools can be mixed with other seating options, such as chairs and benches.

1. Sleek Stools

White Stools

Whether you need counter, bar, or dining stools to suit your needs, you can choose from plenty of options available on the market.

Furthermore, both the seats and the base come in a variety of colors to match your color scheme.

Unleash your creativity and opt for some dining stools because they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor seating.

In the picture above, metal plant stands are repurposed as stools by adding some nonslip grips to the bottoms. Creative, isn’t it? Photo: Credit

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2. Industrial Stools


Eclectic Dining Room


Often a result of eye-grabbing mixtures of wood and metal, most of today’s hot stool designs showcase Industrial style.

With gorgeous acacia wood seats and steel bases with an antiqued zinc finish, the above-shown stools easily mix with the cane chairs to lend an eclectic look to this dining room. Photo: Credit


Functionality and appeal


Actually, no rule says dining stools have to be backless.

With a bold yet elegant silhouette, the industrial stools in the picture above add to the appeal, style, and atmosphere of this admirable dining room with a distinctive masculine vibe. Photo: Credit

3. Woven Stools


Vibrant colors


Often available in bold patterns and vibrant colors, woven stools usually add earthy, Boho accents to eclectic dining spaces. Photo: Credit


Appealing space


However, stools don’t need to be necessarily colorful to make a statement design item because they always introduce  an element of texture to any space they adorn.

As stools usually easily mix with bench seating options, they are the perfect choice for unconventional dining spaces, which utilize corner seating and a round table. Photo: Credit

If you still hesitate to opt for dining stools, consider that stools can add extra seating to any table, including the coffee table in your living room, especially when entertaining. Just pull up a stool, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy the party.

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So, focus on the versatility of dining stool and think again to add dining stools to your dining space!



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