Desk, Storage And Shelving All Combined In An Innovative Staircase Design

Multifunctional furniture is very popular these days. Being able to save space without giving up comfort and function is ideal and lots of designers try to take the concept to a new level. They often manage to do so. This is how things like these unique stairs are created.

This is actually more than just a staircase. It doubles as a storage space and it even hides a workspace with shelving. The innovative design comes from Mike Mejier and it’s called Object Élevé. The all-in-one workspace is now part of a home in Hague, the Netherlands.

The unique piece is handcrafted of oak wood and black steel. The combination of materials makes it stand out and gives it a chic industrial look. The design is simple, suitable for minimalist modern homes.

The structure is divided into two sections. There’s an upper section and a lower section and they can be tailored to the user’s needs. Shelving and storage compartments are integrated into the structure and they’re great for storing and displaying things. The structure also features a series of panels with varying heights which as be used as a desk but also as a way to reach the upper section. The lower section features big, wide stairs and they become smaller and steeper as you go up.

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