DenHaus BowHaus or House for Dogs

We have our homes where we feel protected and comfortable and, no matter how big or small they are, we call them “homes” and come back there every night for a good night rest and for feeling like that is our place in the world. So if we can have such a lovely and secure spot, why can’t our pets, too? They stay in bed with us just because they love us, but sometimes they would love some peace and quiet time for themselves and that is why it is recommended for you to arrange a special spot in your home for them. Dogs are the most frequent pets and that is why some designers thought of designing a special home for them. This is the DenHaus BowHaus.

It is nothing more than a dog house made of powder-coated steel. It is round and comfy and has a pattern of round holes on the sides that are great for design but also allow the dog to breathe. It can also be used as a  pet crate and elegant modern end table. It can easily be moved from one place to another and also you can replace the super-floppable cushion. The item is now available for $599.

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