Customizable Furniture With 12 Bars And Numerous Possible Configurations

The biggest challenge when designing a space is choosing the furniture. It’s very difficult to have all the features you need without wasting a lot of space. But space management has been completely revolutionized by Studio _o1. They created the Barcode Room for Japanese real estate company Able.

The Barcode Room features a very unusual and intriguing design. It has 12 bars or walls and they can be reconfigured in numerous combinations, depending on the user’s immediate needs and preferences. This means that the whole room can get a completely new design in just a few minutes. You can transform it from a space where you relax or where you cook into a wonderful entertainment area. It’s like having 3 or more rooms in one.

The 12 bars/ walls include a kitchen bar, a sleeping area and numerous features for the living room. This allows the user to create a customizable space that changes according to the daily needs. The wood structures have built-in furniture and storage and a very flexible design.

The sliding partitions let you have a lunch room, a meeting room, a bedroom, a cooking space or an entertainment area, all in one single space. You never get bored with this furniture and you also get to save tons of space, a very valuable detail in the case of tiny apartments.{found on Treehugger}.

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