Custom state tables by Julie Purpura

Most people are proud of their heritage and they like to showcase this fact. These tables are a great way of doing that. These are custom-made tables with state tops. They are ingenious and beautiful at the same and they allow you to celebrate either the state you’re living in, the place where you were born or simply an area that you visited and really liked.

The tables are designed by Julie Purpura in Chicago. She owns an LGBT-owned furniture company called 900 BLOK. She came up with the idea for “The 50 States” collection. The tables have very simple designs. In fact, the only thing that makes them so unique is the top. It’s shaped like the state you request. It’s an interesting idea. It allows people to celebrate their home state. Also, there’s the possibility of having two or more such tables deigned with different heights. This will allow them to be semi-nesting tables and to allow you to showcase yours home state, the place where you were born and maybe some other state you really love, in case these are all different.

The 50 States collection, as the name suggests, only includes the 50 states in the USA. However, the idea can be adapted and you can also come up with your own design for other places of the world. Until then take some inspiration from these beautiful state tables. They are simple but very original and unique. The custom pieces are available at prices starting with $200 and they can also include team logos and more.

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