Creative Trilogy Staircase Bookshelf

I really like creative furniture and designers that manage to reinvent a certain piece of furniture. This is the Trilogy Staircase Bookshelf for those who want to save the space under the staircae.Indeed, it’s a very smart design. It features clean, contemporary lines and a simple and yet very practical shape.

It’s both stylish and functional and this is the main attribute for most contemporary pieces of furniture. The Trilogy Staircase Bookshelf is called like this because it’s an example of staircase furniture. It’s an ingenious way of using the space underneath your staircase. Place it against the wall and you get a functional storage unit for items like books, magazines or small decorations such as picture frames or collectibles, etc.

This item is also a customizable piece to it can be reconfigured and modified in order to fit in your home. It’s a modular piece of furniture that allows you to adapt it and play with it as you please. Each individual shelving space is capable of holding up to 75 pounds without bowing. It requires assembly but it’s extremely simple. The shelves are made of heat-infused melamine with medium density fiberboard (MDF). Also, they are scratch, dent and water-resistant. The overall dimensions of this creative and functional piece of furniture are 72″ h x 72″ w x 9.5″ d.Available for $412.

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