Creative Furniture Collection By Naihan Li

Beijing architect Naihan Li created crates that unfold to become a collection of furniture for the Beijing Design Week. This amazing invention is not only stunning, but creative and functional at the same time. Presented at the pop-up disco lounge, these pieces amazed everyone with their uniqueness.

These mobile creations accommodate with poetic comfort the moody impracticality of globe-trotting, and always on the move lifestyles. The largest crate folded out into a mini cinema and karaoke box, while others became chairs and tables. The collection also has sofas, beds, dressing tables, kitchens, wardrobes, table football. Some of them where presented at the WUHAO teahouse and in London.

Inspired by the volatile and exuberant spirit of a contemporary urban habitat like Beijing and its epic detournment of building construction, decay and regeneration, the collection is great for any home. These pieces pop out of their own shipping shell to form an unique spatial language. They became carapaces that can contain our memories and the objects we love. These pieces are perfect for people who move a lot and don’t have the time to pack or to shop for furniture.

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The Crates can become a lifestyle, pieces that soon will be part of everyone’s life and home. They make a statement and they are both lovely and functional.



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