Create a vintage look with a rattan coffee table

I have learned for some time that instead of throwing away the things you no longer need it is always a good idea to give them a new look and turn them into something else, something that you create and need, something unexpected and more valuable just because of that. For example take this rattan woven trunk that was used for storing different items!  It obviously does not fir a modern home, because you use different closets for this now, but you can use your imagination and use it as a coffee table. This way you can Create a vintage look with a rattan coffee table.

Just keep the lid closed and arrange the trunk like a coffee table. The new “coffee table” is made of hand woven wicker and has two handles on the sides that make it easy for you to transport it. The handles are made of a different material – coir rope and decorative fruitwood . Well, since it is already there and taking space, you can store some books inside the trunk , even if you use it as a coffee table and this will give it stability and it will not move if you place something heavier on it. In this case the fact that it is built with welded aluminum framing for lasting strength is also very helpful. The vintage look is given by the matte gray patina and it will be great for any living room. If you like it, you can order it online for $895.

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