Corner Bench Seating – Space Efficiency At Its Best

Corners are difficult to furnish and we all know it. They pose problems because it’s difficult to plan a layout that doesn’t involve them being empty. Shelves and corner benches are two of the most common and practical options. We’ll focus on the latter and today we’ll talk a bit about corner bench seating and how it can transform a space. In the kitchen, for example, all you need is a corner bench, a small table and one or two chairs to transform that space into a breakfast nook.

corner bench seating for dining table and chairs

Cozy corner bench for dining table

Decorating a corner bench table

Corner bench for dining table if you dont have space

The idea is pretty cool because it allows a previously unused corner to become useful and functional and, at the same time, to make the room more inviting and comfortable to be in. Of course, you could have a breakfast nook without corner bench seating, positioned in the same exact space but why choose a different option when this one is so practical, space-efficient and comfortable?

It could be nice to let the bench disappear into the walls so plan this in advanceA corner bench can also be used as a divider so it doesn’t necessarily have to sit in a cornerAn L-shaped bench can be used to frame the seating area and fill a corner at the same time

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If you want to make the nook even more space-efficient and functional, the corner bench can have built-in storage under its seat. It would be a bit difficult to access the drawers but they can definitely come in handy, especially if the room is small. You can also add a few wall shelves above the bench if you find it necessary.

Corner benched are pretty comfortable and they bring people together in a unique wayPair a corner bench with a couple of matching chairs for a clean and unified look
The role of a corner bench is usually to optimize the layout and spatial configuration of the roomNot all corner benches are big. It’s possible to find a cute and small one for two or three peopleDon’t forget some accent pillows. They pair well with benches and sofas of all kindsModular seating units offer the possibility to furnish corners efficiently while maintaining a good level of comfortIf the room is small, consider light colors and eye-pleasing contrastsThe corner bench can have a rounded shape if you want to avoid harsh lines and anglesMake sure the bench is comfortable and that the space between it and the table is just right

Although the kitchen is usually the first space that comes to mind in this corner bench seating scenario, that’s not the only option. Instead of a breakfast, you could furnish a corner to turn it into a casual dining area or into a workspace. The idea can be adapted based on the setting you have in mind and on your needs as well as the existing layout of the space. Try to look at the big picture and to find the best way to integrate a corner bench there. It’s not just about space and functionality but also about looks and ambiance.

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