Cool Furniture And Accessories With Exceptional Designs

Some pieces of furniture look good, others are practical and some are simply awesome. We’re talking about those few designs that stand out by being unique and outstanding, those are just too unusual to ignore but not in a way that sacrifices functionality or comfort in favor of aesthetics. The world is actually full of such cool designs. Finding them, however, is not exactly easy. We did some digging and we managed to find a few.

Two very cool designs come from furniture manufacturer Camus Collection. One is the Cesar console which has a sculptural and perfectly symmetrical design, as if two separate small tables have been placed back to back.

The other fabulous piece is the Colossus table which has a surprisingly lightweight and delicate appearance for its massive structure. The table is a large wooden sculpture with a long and narrow top that seamlessly blends into the base.

Finding a desk that’s practical, ergonomic as well as interesting to look at can turn out to be a nearly impossible task, unless you come across a design such as this one. This is the Landscape Desk, a very distinctive piece of furniture with a sturdy metal base and a marble top with a shape that resembles a mountain silhouette.

Benches are already quite uncommon compared to other types of seating but among those few that do exist some designs stand out, like that of Biome. It was designed by 2016 by Verter Turroni, it has a metal base and a fiberglass seat.

Designed by Imperfettolab in 2017, the Pebble #1 actually looks like a giant, perfectly smooth pebble. It has an organic shape with smooth curves and a slightly asymmetrical shape and it’s made of lacquered fiberglass. In this image you can also see the Uno sculpture displayed on one of the walls.

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The Giraffe doesn’t have a clear, well-defined function. It’s in fact a multi-functional piece with an unusual design which allows it to function as a step ladder used for reaching high shelves, a clothing rack, a bookshelf and even a small seat, the kind that can be very useful in the foyer or entryway.

A lot of the cool and exceptional furniture designs available today are modern and contemporary creations but not all. The Breuer armchair was actually designed in 1936 and continues to be one of the most stylish and elegant pieces of furniture to this day.

The Wind room divider designed by Jin Kuramoto is a very special accessory. Its role is not only to help organize a large and open space into smaller areas but also to control the acoustics of the space. That makes it a particularly useful accessory for public spaces, meeting venues and work environments.

Storage units come in all shapes and sizes so there are plenty of designs to choose from. One that distinguishes itself from the others is the Arlequin C designed by Ferruccio Laviani. It has an unusual geometric shape and its doors feature different-colored triangles. You can find it in both freestanding and wall-mounted versions.

The Aquario is another very cool and very special cabinet. Its design, as the name suggests, is inspired by the look of aquariums/ fishtanks. The doors have distinct, organically-shaped glass inserts which allow one to peek inside and see the silhouettes of the contents. You can find the cabinet in two color combinations, this one and the grey and blue.

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Side tables are very useful so, naturally, there are tons of designs to choose from. We’ve sifted through those and found this quirky piece. This is the Monkey side table designed by Jaime Hayon. Its design is a unique combination of functional, cute and playful. It’s suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

These cute and quirky poufs and ottomans are part of the Tato Collection designed by Enrico Baleri and Denis Santachiara. The series includes 6 different shapes available in various color tones. They can be paired and used in various different ways and can serve multiple purposes, depending on each user’s needs and preferences.

The Henri series is a collection of wall shelves designed by Bruno Rainaldi. All versions are inspired by and based on the same basic shape: the triangle. The shelves are made of stainless steel and available in a glossy finish or gold, silver, copper or black leaf. You can mix and match them however you want or use them to create unique compositions for every type of space.

Bruno Reinaldi is also the designer behind the Tab.Ulone & Tab.Ulino tables. They have sculptural designs and wooden framed covered in aluminum. The crimpled effect is achieved by hand which makes each table unique. Further more, the tables feature wheels which means they’re very easy to move around. They’re available in two finish options: gold and chrome.



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