Cool Designs That Give A New Meaning To Interior Design

This is what we all fear: to complete a remodel only to realize some time after that there was a much cooler alternative to the coffee table, sofa or entertainment center or that you could have done the remodel in a much better way if only you knew about those cool designs earlier. There’s no way to prevent that from happening but you could do a better job at researching your options next time. We’ve prepared a list of cool designs that you should definitely take a look at.

How would you like a coffee table which looks like a drawing? It’s definitely one of the coolest design ideas out there. The Iso Table is made of bent steel rods and features a modular surface composed of Corian marble tiles. It’s angled at 15 degrees but maintains a stable base and surface.

Some of the coolest designs are those that blur the line between furniture and art. One such example is the Imagine Console which was inspired by John Lennon’s iconic song that also gave the table its name. Of course, it’s an abstract interpretation of the lyrics and the message behind them.

A mini bar is not exactly the type of thing we pay much attention to before choosing a design option and that can sometimes be a regrettable mistake. We say that because we discover this really cool Mini Bar which is made from an authentic US Army ammunition box from the 70’s. when possible, the boxes include an original date stamp. They’re designed to be mounted on walls and come in a variety of colors and finishes.

The ideal sofa is for many of us one which is first of all comfortable but which also looks nice. But what if the aesthetics were the main priority? In that cases you’d probably want the sofa to stand out and to look cool and that would in turn mean you might have to deal with unusual forms and materials. That being said, check out this Forrest Myers wire couch. Isn’t it absolutely spectacular?

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We’re pretty used to contemporary furniture pieces which look like works of art but that doesn’t mean we’re bored with them. On the contrary, we find each design to be spectacular and extraordinary in its own way. The One Piece table, for instance, stands out thanks to its sculptural design. It’s made from almost 600 pieces of oak timber veneers, each hand-carved. The unique curves of the table are highlighted by aluminum and squid ink.

There are no real rules or limits when it comes to artwork and that gives artists such as Olga Oreshyna the freedom to express their creativity and to tell stories in unique ways. These pieces, for example, are inspired by wood and its magnificent natural beauty. Each sculpture is unique and made of numerous pieces of wood each of which is individually customized to fit in a designated position. Together they form awesome geometric compositions.

George Nakashima is an iconic name in the world of furniture design. He was an architect and woodworker as well as one of the leading innovators of 20th century furniture design. He created numerous unique pieces including some spectacular tables with tops made from single pieces of wood sculpted by time. Live edge wood was extensively used in almost all of the designs.

The inspiration for the Track Table obviously comes from the sports world. You probably didn’t even know such a table existed yet here it is, showcasing its unique design. The base is made out of two semi-cylinder in clear acrylic and the oval top has an interlayer glass structure with a translucent track graphic printed on it.

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Unique lighting fixtures

A lamp made of cement….now that’s something you don’t see every day. The AYÊ lamp is made entirely of 1/4” thin cement which brings out the delicate nature of the material in an unexpected way. No two lamps are alike, each featuring tiny variations in form, texture and thickness.

The Cocoon pendant lamps are very charming and feature this macrame-inspired look which gives them a very friendly, cute and cozy look. They’re ideal for bedrooms and living spaces. Each pendant is handmade by Annie Legault and you can choose from several different colors and color combinations

Designed by Sophie Gailliot and Richard Pontais, the Hanging Garden pendant lamp features a wonderfully simple and friendly design. It’s made out of wood and leather and it folds and unfolds like an umbrella. You can find it in several different colors.

When you picture a paper lamp you’re probably not thinking of anything as complex or as detailed as the urchin softlight. This lamp is spectacular in a very simplistic and flexible manner. It features a honeycomb geometry and a lampshade which is able to expand and to change shape as the user manipulates it. This gives it a sculptural and very fluid appearance.

The name of this lamp perfectly describes the design. This is the Constellation wall light. Designed by Émilie Cathelineau for CVL Lighting in 2014, this lamp has six asymmetrical arms made of solid brass, all meeting at the center. Three of these arms are oriented inward and the other three are facing outward.



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