Convertible furniture for the bedroom

We all know how difficult it can be to furnish a bedroom. There’s not much furniture to take into consideration but the pieces that go there are a must-have and they take quite a lot of space. Since we can’t replace them with anything else and we can certainly not eliminate them from our bedrooms, all we can do is find new ways of saving space. Innovative designs are created every day but some of them get recognition thanks to their versatility and functionality. The home furniture collection created by Mobilspazio is one of the most inspiring ones.

The collection includes a series of convertible pieces of furniture designed for the bedroom. It includes pieces such as sofa beds, bunk beds and pull-out beds. We can see that the focus in on this particular pieces, the bed. Since it usually covers almost the entire room, it seems natural to try to find ways of changing that. These particular models are foldaway beds and convertibles. They allow you to efficiently use the whole space from the bedroom and to have an airy and uncluttered décor.

The best thing about these beds is that, during the day, they can either be transformed into a small sofa placed against a large wall unit or they can be concealed behind doors or underneath the storage unit. They feature precise mechanisms that allow the user to easily open and close the bed and they are very safe piece of furniture. The collection includes many other designs and pull-out beds meant to complement a variety of spaces and decors.

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