Contemporary WoodGloo table to set the mood in your home

The next item analyzed here has a curious name. It’s called WoodGloo and it’s a very unusual table. With a contemporary design and a very special feature, this table will instantly become the central point of attention once you decide to include it in your home.

Besides the attractive simple design that would charm anyone, this table also has a surprise hidden inside. The LED lights from the inside of the table are what helps this unique piece glow into the darkness of the night. The light is visible through the wood veneer and the effect created is very beautiful and charming. Indeed, the latest creation of designer Juhász Mónika. Is going to be a success. What’s beautiful about this piece is that the table looks beautiful either way. Even without knowing about the LED feature, the table still looks very attractive and stylish.

The dimensions of this impressive piece are 90x90x40 cm. It’s a very versatile piece of furniture as it can be included for example in the living room, as a coffee table, even as a side table. It can also be placed in the bedroom as the LED features would create a very nice atmosphere. In fact, this table would look good just about anywhere you put it. The colors available for the LED feature come in a very large variety of different tones.

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