Contemporary wood stoves designed by Jacob Jensen

A wood stove is often used for heating rooms or cooking food. Different types of wood stoves are used for different purposes as per the user’s requirements. This contemporary wood stoves designed by Jacob Jensen are available in three models: Vision I, compact Vision II and wall mounted Vision III.


Quality always comes at a price and contemporary wood stoves are no exception to this rule. With its maximum 8 kW heat output and tight, clear design, these contemporary wood stoves are perfectly for your home. Vision comes with window-rinsing function, in which a stream of air prevents soot from forming on the interior of stove large panoramic window, and a simple control panel that can be used to regulate the combustion.


Wood stoves a an extremely appreciated feature in a home. It’s mostly because it’s almost impossible to have one. They usually take a lot of space. But that has changed during the past few years and it has made possible for almost anyone to have a wood stove in their home.

The size has become increasingly smaller and the quality has also improved. Also they look better and better. Take a look at this pictures and you’ll realize why they are so appreciated.

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