Contemporary 76″ Lexington TV Stand

Are you looking for the perfect TV stand that matches your television, as well as your home décor? The 76″ Lexington TV Stand is available in wenge, whitened oak, white lacquer and walnut finishes.This TV stand combines modern edge with retro flare; featuring gray tinted sliding glass doors for easy access to all your entertainment components. Available for 1.120$. I know that some people prefer a suspended TV stand that is secured to the wall, but that only applies to the small TV sets and it is more practical for the children’ s room, as they do not pay too much attention to fragile objects, but the TV standing in the living room should stay on a stand. And I guess this is the perfect stand for your house. It is discreet and nice, has the perfect size and colour and can also be used for storing some items you might need near the TV set. For example. Just under the TV set spot you can see a space that is covered with glass, but you can use it for placing a video or DVD player and the little shelves on the sides can also be used for storing DVDs and CDs with movies, cartoons or special recordings you can watch together with your family members or friends.

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