Concrete Coffee Tables You Can Buy Or Build Yourself

The coffee table is the piece that ties it all together. It often serves as a focal point in the living room and it’s always a must have. This is why designers are constantly innovating and coming up with new designs meant to increase the coffee table’s functionality or aesthetic appeal. The materials they use are sometimes odd. Concrete coffee tables are, for example, may not be very popular but they’re definitely interesting.

The Mason coffee table shows us that concrete has a sophisticated side. That side was showcased in a minimalist design which emphasizes the table’s polished surface, clean lines and cool gray color. The simplicity of the design makes it particularly attractive.Available for $899.

Featuring a square concrete top and a sturdy wooden base, the Home Styles coffee table is a very versatile piece of furniture able to integrate easily in both modern and rustic or traditional interior designs.Available for $387.

Handcrafted from stone composite and natural fibers, the Element coffee table is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, although it should be covered during bag weather to avoid damage. It has a square top and a matching block base.Available for $399.

Concrete furniture in general is really versatile. A concrete desktop, bench or coffee table can looks beautiful in both modern and traditional settings and this particular table, with its polished look and functional design takes versatility a step further by also featuring casters.Available on site.

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The combination of concrete and wood featured by this table is unexpected and really attractive. The coldness of the concrete and the warmth of the wood complement each other in a natural and harmonious way.

A concrete coffee table, even though it can be very versatile, tends to blend in better with certain styles. For example, this one has a compact and robust look and it integrates really well in the industrial loft interior.

Lounge+ is a low concrete coffee table with a 10 cm thick top and a 5 cm high base made of MDF. As a result, the concrete top appears to be floating. For an even more interesting look, LED strips can be added to illuminate the table from below.

Concrete coffee tables come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs and that’s due to the malleability of the material. This particular table, for example, uses an asymmetrical design to stand out and, at the same time, to be as functional as possible.

Jeremy Kaplan Design takes the whole concept to a whole new level, offering a series of cast concrete tables for both indoor and outdoor use that feature wood inserts, storage at the top and bottom and interesting geometric shapes.

But if you’re not necessarily interested in this type of sophisticated designs and only wish to explore the very idea of having a concrete coffee table, you can choose to build it yourself. You can even combine concrete and wood and design your table with a base made of an old crate on top of which you add the concrete top.

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The DIY options are numerous. You can even choose to use the base of an old table and simply add a concrete top. You can give it a polished finish and combine various materials in your own way.

When building such a table, the first step is making a mold in which to pour the concrete for the top. When it’s all dry and done, fill the gaps on the sides with cement and sand the top several times. You can then apply stone sealer.{found in ikeahackers}.

You can choose to either use a base from an existing coffee table or to make one of concrete to match the top. At the end, you can apply several layers of satin finish to make the table resistant to spills and to give it a smooth look.You can see the full project on imgur.

There are all sorts of ways in which you can customize a DIY concrete coffee table. For example, you can include concrete candle holders, trays and all sorts of other features which would make the table suit your style and your home.



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