Comfortable wood fireplace by Invicta

I’m back after a long week of relaxation and I want to start with a rustic wood fireplace which will be useful in this cold season. This wood fireplace is called Tipi and it was designed by Invicta, featuring an authentic, cottage-chic look with its Charcoal finish and unusual shape. The wood fireplace will create a comfortable and unique living room or a cozy inspired library or an inspiring home office.


Fireplaces are no longer incorporated in the wall so they are a lot more accessible to anyone who wants to have one. This is an important detail, because a lot of people are seduced by this simple and yet complex piece. It’s understandable, especially during the winter when a little extra warmth is never turned down. It’s such a nice feeling when you can just relax and drink a nice cup of coco in front of the fireplace, relax and feel the warmth wrap you.

This particular design is especially attractive because of the shape. It has a slender and long figure, this allowing it to take little space and to be easy to store during summer season. Also, the design is beautiful because of the dark charcoal finish. It’s modern and simple, perfect for a modern home. Enjoy many cozy winter nights thanks to this beautiful and modern fireplace. It’s easy to assemble and it will make your home look even more cozy and welcoming.

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