Colorful Rotating Drawers

If you are tired of the same old boxy furniture pieces and you are ready for something new, forget about square shaped tables and cabinets, it is time for this. Very bright colored this chest of drawers will definitely catch your attention not only by the vivid tones but by the way those drawers move.

I like the idea and I sense quite a bit of dualism here. I mean loot at it; this can almost look like the socks drawers you have in your room when everything is centered and arranged, but in an instance this apparently normal looking chest of drawers can be transformed in a funky piece of furniture that could say a lot about its owner and about his personality. Each drawer is made of MDF and each has a joint in the middle allowing it to move in any direction you want.

The individual colors can be seen as a simple design feature or if you incline more towards functionality, each drawer can be “labeled” and identified by its color, each with a different content.  As much as we like to believe that this piece is useful by any terms, we have to admit the fact that probably only in your kid’s bedroom this piece of furniture will get the most appreciation. Kids love bright colors and love to play. Put this in the middle of the room and it can solve any problem.Available on site.

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