Colorful Hand Painted Furniture by Kare Design

It is well-known the fact that vivid colors have a great impact on us. They can influence our mood, can make us feel more relaxed and comfortable and even inspire our way of choosing the colored clothes we want to wear. Colors can also create a joyful ambiance, make people become more optimistic and things more attractive and even funnier. Kids are in love with colored clothes, toys and every item that has an eye-catching nuance. They even become more interested if their food has a nice color or the color that they prefer it.

Those of you who would like to bring more color and create a distinctive interior for home can choose the colorful hand painted furniture named Ibiza collection designed by Kare Design. The collection consists of a number of tables, chairs, mirrors and storage units which belong to modernized oriental and classic styles combined in a harmonized manner. Each item of this collection was hand painted and acacia and mango wood were used for their manufacture. The items of the collection may become focal points for any room of the house due to their eye-catching design.

Ibiza collection represents a colorful joint of items that were dressed in beautiful vivid colors like: green, pink, purple, yellow or blue. Floral patterns appear on each piece of furniture which create a warmer and joyful interior. All these pieces can remind you of the oriental castles of sheiks which were beautifully decorated with these kinds of floral ornaments and vivid colors were used to make their rooms look more attractive and inspire a joyful and wealthy living.

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