Colorful flag-colored table made from pallets

If you feel enthusiastic about this year’s Independence Day you could already start the preparations. There are numerous DIY projects that you could create just for this day. Some of them are items that could be all year around and that would add color to your home. One such example is this flag-colored pallet table.

If you read our articles about pallets and all the ways in which you can use them to create functional pieces of furniture and decorations for your home, then you’re already familiar with this type of project. This table is made from a pallet. Well, you might actually need two, depending on the dimensions you decide on. This beautiful themed piece of furniture is easy to make and it’s also a fun and interactive project.

To make a similar table you’ll need one or two pallets, 4-caster wheels, some white, blue and red paint, a paint brush, 16 zinc-plated screws and washers, 8 zinc-plated screws #12 size, a screwdriver and a ratchet bit. Start by cleaning the pallets and let them dry.

Attach two of the pallets together and use screws to keep them that way. You can paint the flat either before or after you do that. Use the paint and a paint brush and make sure you respect the scale. For the stars you can use a stencil. Apply as many coats of paint as you need to in order to get it right. Make sure you let each color dry before you start with another one. At the end, attach the rods and the table is done.{found on mysocalledcraftylife}.

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