Colorful and fun beanbag covers

Beanbags used to be very popular a few years ago. Nowadays they’re not as popular and some people completely forgot about them. However, they can still be found in shops and recently a particular collection has made an attempt to bring them back into out attention.

These things are called Pullover. A Pullover is basically a cover for the Fatboy ( the beanbag). The interesting thing about this collection is that is offers 4 different cover models and they are all colorful and fun. They can successfully make your beanbag seem attractive again. These covers are suitable for the kids rooms, where beanbags are actually a very good addition because of their child-friendly structure and adaptable shape.

You can also use them together with your beanbag in the media room or in the lounge area, basically anywhere you can feel they might look good and where you can benefit from their comfortable structure. The four different models are: the Pullover Moonlander that costs $220.00 (with filling, $359.00), the Pullover Milkmaid – $220.00 (with filling, $359.00), the Pullover Persian – $220.00 (with filling, $359.00) and the Pullover Post that you can buy for $220.00 (with filling, $359.00). Choose the print that you like best and don’t hesitate to use it with your cozy beanbag. Who knows, maybe there will be a spectacular comeback.

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