Coffee table with a difference

This round coffee table from Cattelan Italia is truly futuristic with a central circular feature made of aluminum along stainless steel. The Cattelan Italia features products with style in its purest form and is an Italian contemporary design, which aspires most of the people around the world, was founded in 1979 and still manages to wow audiences from all quarters.

Coffee tables are usually a decorative piece. So there are a lot of different designs when it comes to this furniture piece. People are no longer satisfied with a simple and plain design so they want more. Usually the most common choice is wood but there are also a lot of glass coffee table that seem to be very appreciated. But recently this has also changed. Now there are other materials that can be used to create some very modern coffee table. From example aluminum, like in the case of this one.

This intriguing coffee table is not special just because it’s made from aluminum. It also an intriguing shape. It’s round, but this is not news. The interesting thing about this coffee table is that you can’t distinguish the base from the top, they are just one piece. And another detail is that hole in the middle. The golden color is not the most inspired, but still it looks good.Available for £1,470.


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