Coffee Table Sets – Strength In Numbers And Beauty In Details

One coffee table is great but two are even better. A coffee table set is often considered more practical and better suited for a modern living room than a singular table, the reason being the fact that they can each be used separately for different purposes or in different areas of the room when larger groups of people are involved. At the same time, coffee table sets also look really cute and stylish, made up of pieces that often complement each other in various ways.

This set of cork tables from Modus is both simple and funky. The design of each of the table is a beautiful blend of form and function. Each of the tables includes a built-in feature that looks like a hollow section either cut out into the side or the top. These slits serve as magazine holders.

The Spring table set, also offered by Modus, is a series of four tables, each with a shape and size slightly different from the others but not different enough to lack coordination with the set. They can be combined as needed and used in sets of two or three, even four if the space allows it.

Designer Piero Lissoni created a set of low tables with metal bases and tops available in marble and glass. They actually come in different sizes and heights as well as with square, oval or rectangular-shaped tops and this allows them to be combined in various different ways to create custom coffee table sets.

Individually, each of the Note tables is too small to be used alone as a coffefe tables. They’re much rather suited as side tables. However, when put together in sets of two or three, they take on a whole new role. They’re available as square or rectangular tables and a variety of finishes.

When working with sets of tables it can be fun and interesting to mix it up a little bit and to put together pieces that contrast with each other. For example, the Grasshopper series includes coffee tables with tops available in a variety of finishes and materials. They’re thin and lightweight and they look graceful, even when they’re big.

The Accursio series is a collection of eight chic and eye-catching tables, all featuring graphical metal bases and clean and slender tops, most of which are rectangle-shaped. They also have different heights and sizes which means that they can serve different purposes. The smaller ones can serve as coffee tables.

The Scancaro collection is one of our favorites. It’s incredibly cute, being composed of tables shaped line leaning cylinders. Their bodies are made of steel with bases made of MDF and they’re wrapped in felt. These funky and very simple-looking cylinders can serve as tables or as stools and they can be combined and paired in lots of ways. They’re very practical to have around and they’re perfect for minimalist interiors. You can find them in seven different colors.

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Accurately named Net, this set of tables has a very distinctive design. The tables are made of steel with a powder coated finish and they’re sold separately. Their tops and legs have this net-like structure which makes them look lightweight and similar to outdoor furniture.

Some coffee tables are so beautiful that having one than one can only increase their charm and elegance. Such is the case with this coffee table set designed by Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda. They feature these perfectly smooth cylindrical bases topped with round glass and they look futuristic and exquisite no matter how you use them.

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single design, size, color or material when choosing a coffee table. It’s possible to incorporate all of your favorite options into a set and instead of one large table to have several smaller ones. This way you can also have tables with different heights, suitable for different purposes. This is the Tia Maria series designed by Enrico Franzolini in 2014.

The Cloud tables designed by Nendo in 2013 have a name that suits them wonderfully. These tables feature thin and slender legs and tops made of perforated steel and irregular forms with rounded edges. They’re beautiful as standalone pieces but they look even better in sets.

The Mondrian coffee table set designed by Jean-Marie Massaud is different from most of the others through the fact that the tables contrast with each other and don’t share the same design particularities. While one of the tables has a rectangular top the other is considerably smaller and has a round top in a different color. Together they’re a harmonious duo.

Coffee tables don’t necessarily have to be small just because they’re used in pairs. Sometimes it’s fresh to put together several side tables and to use them as a replacement for a regular coffee table but when the space is large and open thing can be a bit different. The Tribeca tables, for example, are each big enough to be used separately.

Coffee table sets usually stand out by introducing some sort of contrast between the pieces, like the Tridente series designed by Emmanuel Gallina. They complement each other by being different and by looking complete only when used together.

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Sets where the tables differ in size but share the same design and particularities are also common. The difference in size is enough to make them each special and to allow them to look beautiful and natural as a set. This is a design by Annette Lang.

This series designed by Jaime Hayon is also defined by consistency of form. The coffee tables share the same design and they stand out through their proportions and dimensions. The tall and narrow versions are better suited as side tables, sitting near a sofa while the larger and lower ones look best when positioned in front of the sofa as coffee tables.

No two trees look the same and furniture designers definitely know how to take advantage of that. Take these coffee tables for example. They’re designed by Cuno Frommherz and their tops are thick slices of ash wood with diameters between 40 cm and 45 cm. They sit on steel legs and they look wonderful when used in pairs.

The tables in the Joint series have essentially the same exact design, with possible differences in size, material, color and finish. You can get them with a marble or glass top while the frame is made of metal and attached to a central decorate element made of solid canaletta walnut.

It’s definitely useful to have more than one coffee table when lots of guests are coming over but not if you don’t have enough room to store them the rest of the time. Nesting tables are very practical in this sense. The Rogers series is a beautiful example. The tables are crafted with bases and tops made of solid canaletta walnut.

It’s nice to have multiple options to choose from and that’s exactly what the Vibieffe 9500 series offers. It’s a series of coffee and side tables defined by different sizes, heights and forms and they can be combined in numerous different ways. Their designs are simple and versatile and this makes them ideal for modern and contemporary living spaces.

The Marrakesh series includes an elegant coffee table with an octagon-shaped top and and a side table with a similar structure and an additional bottom shelf. The tables look beautiful together, as a set, even though they serve different purposes.



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