Cleverly Fit Storage Inside The Bed Frame To Save Space

Every room has its own style and every room requires a certain type of lighting, flooring and storage. For example, the bedroom needs to feel relaxing, tranquil and cozy so there are certain decisions you have to make. Don’t clutter the room with too much furniture. Instead, try to incorporate storage in the elements that absolutely need to be there, like the bed.

This bed has, besides the built-in storage, two nightstand extensions

Bed frames with built-in storage are very popular particularly because of their double functionality. You can have big drawers which slide out and let you store there all sorts of things, from blankets to pillows, clothes, books and fluffy shoes.

Usually the pull-out drawers are placed on the side of the bedDepending on your needs and on the size of the bed, you can have one or more drawersBed frames with built-in storage are particularly useful in the kids’ bedroomsDrawers aren’t the only option when it comes to built-in storage

Bed frame storage is also very useful in the kids’ room. They can store their toys in there and liberate the floor, gaining more space for playing. But drawers can be a little more difficult to manipulate for kids so you opt for something else instead.

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Eliminate the handles for a smooth and minimalist designAdjacent beds can share the same frame and gain more storage spaceFrame bed with drawersOpen storage compartments are also an option, great for storing books

You can have shelves instead of drawers or cubicles/compartments. This way the things you store there can also be decorations. Kids can line up their toys there and put them somewhere where they can see them.

The drawers are placed at the end of the bed because the room is narrowA more special type of design features a high platform on which the bed is placed

Of course, there are numerous alternatives and variations for such a design. Choose the one that works best for you. Think of your needs and of the things you’ll be storing there. This helps you decide the exact dimensions and positioning of the storage compartments. Also, think where you want the bed to be placed and consider the dimensions of the room as well as the other pieces of furniture in the vicinity of the bed.

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