Clever And Space-Saving Beds Which You Can Slide Away and Hide

A bed is a large and robust piece of furniture, no matter now sleek and sophisticated its design may be. This means that they occupy lots of floor space and thus don’t leave with too many options when decorating the rest of the space.

But what if you could somehow hide the bed when you’re not using it and clear up floor space? That would be truly awesome and it’s definitely something I’d consider for my home. But let’s take a look at a few examples to better understand how it all works.

Here’s a living room with a seating area which raised off the floor and sits on a platform. You might wonder why such a design was chosen. It’s so that a pull-out bed could fit underneath the platform. It’s basically like having two pieces of furniture one on top of the other and which can be used independently or both at the same time.

There’s no denying that such a system lets you save a lot of space but what about other advantages? Well, this bed, for example, can also be used as a sofa. You just simply don’t slide all the way through. If more space is needed, then the whole bed completely disappears underneath the platform.

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In the case of this small apartment, having a living room with a sofa and then a sleeping area with a large bed in the same room would have resulted in a very cluttered space. As a result, the architects responsible for the interior design came up with the idea to have a bed which rolls underneath an elevated living area.

Having a bed which you can simply slide underneath a platform is a very practical idea and not one you can only use when you have a tiny home and not enough space for a separate bedroom. This sliding bed is hidden under a platform with a cozy window bench, leaving the rest of the floorspace clear so that the kids can have more room to play.

You don’t necessarily need a platform like the one we’ve showed you so far. You can also hide a bed under a sofa or a bench like in the case of this cozy reading corner. You would, however, have to custom design the furniture.

Here’s another very practical and space-saving interior design. This time we have two beds, each one hidden under a separate work station. It’s an idea you can implement for the kids’ room if they have to share it.

Here we have a more elaborate design. This is actually a very compact unit which includes a bed, shelving and storage spaces. There’s even a storage compartment under the bed. The whole sleeping area slides inside the unit.

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Adjustable Designs.

There are also other ways in which you can hide a bed. For example, instead of sliding it underneath a platform, you could pull it up and hide it above the floor, suspended from the ceiling. It seems like a practical system but I would still be nervous when sitting underneath that heavy bed.

We’ve already seen living rooms where the bed was hidden under the seating area but what about the opposite situation? Here we have a whole living room hidden under the bed. The bed sits on a platform which can be raised and it reveals a sunken seating area with sofas and coffee table.

This is a design somewhere in between the last two we’ve just presented you. Basically, the bed sits in mid air when used and underneath it is the seating area which remains unchanged regardless of where the bed is positioned. Then, when the bed is not needed anymore, it disappears into the ceiling.{found on treehuger}.



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