Classic Lasalle Nine-Drawer Dresser

As soon as you lay eyes on this beautiful piece of furniture you realize that it’s not an ordinary one. It has a design and an allure that make it seem really special. It seems formal and sober but it’s also elegant and stylish. The Lassale dresser has a design inspired by the 19th century French cabinets you can still find in antique stores. However, it has its own character.

The dresser is part of the Lasalle bedroom collection which also includes the Lasalle bed and the Lasalle nightstand. They all share the same design that combines classical beauty with quality materials and craftsmanship. The dresser, as well as the other elements from the collection, is made of solid beech and beech veneer with ebony or mocha stain. It has a lacquer finish, mortise-and-tenon joinery and steel knobs with pewter finish.

The dresser looks really imposing and the efect is even stronger when you add the other piece of the collection. It measures 82w 19d 38h and it was made in North Dakota. You can buy the dresser for $1,499.00 while the price for the other two pieces of the collection varies between $399 and $1.099. It’s a collection that comes in both black and brown and it would complement a traditional bedroom. The dresser is particularly functional, featuring nine storage drawers fitted inside this compact structure.

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