Classic Baroque Meets Modern Style in POLaRT’s Wild Designs

A jarring jolt of color combined with a stately profile — there’s no other way to describe the uniquely designed furnishings created by POLaRT. The US- and Mexico-based company’s pieces defy strict characterization and have been described as ” fantastic, odd, daring, classic, beautiful, but certainly never dull.” The company’s website also says the designs are a little bit rock and roll, and we would have to agree.

Homedit was so taken with these furnishings and the company’s creativity that we asked POLaRT Founder and CEO Josue Reynoso about what inspires the designs, why the company is so passionate about color and what new things we can expect.

How did you develop the concept of POLaRT? From where did the inspiration come?

POLaRT is an acronym for “polymer art.” My father founded in 1979 a workshop which he called PolRey, an acronym for “Poliuretanos (polyurethane) and Reynoso, our family name”. When he started in the furniture industry, he chose to reproduce French Provençal frames using molds and polyurethane. Over time, PolRey became the largest factory in the western hemisphere specialized in Baroque furniture. When I took over, I was intrigued about how the Italians had “coined” the phrase “Mobili d’arte”, which literally means “Art furniture.” I decided to incorporate that into our identity. POLaRT was then created with the intention of inspiring tomorrow with the best from the past. That is to say, my inspiration came from revamping dad’s classics…

Why go for the bold colors?

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My favorite past time is reading, and I love referencing things I do to things I read. In Orwell’s 1984, it is scary to see how society is turning to “sameness.” We all have things we have to shout out, but we need to do it in a subtle manner. This is my subtle manner. POLaRT stands out among the rest because it breaks free from “sameness.” Every customer is free to choose any color combination. I believe that we could offer at least one piece suited for everyone, yet it’d be difficult to make two guys in a room agree which piece that’d be. To me, that’s breaking free of “sameness.”

Some of the bold colors are not for the faint of heart. How do you advise customers, whose homes may be of a more traditional style, about incorporating POLaRT designs?

Be eclectic. Mix. Stand up to a discussion. Let me elaborate.

Most fashion designers today invite followers to mix colors, shapes, as well as price ranges. It is old-school to marry yourself to a style or brand. In a marketplace full of options, be fair, pick more than one vendor… Travel guides will explain this as “spreading your wealth.”

Our product is love or hate, and one thing’s for sure: It isn’t unnoticeable. Hence, pick your favorite, and bring back to life that forgotten niche in your house. Start a conversation from of it; or simply put it in your favorite place, there where everyone goes. Let them know what you love. Be ready for the back-fire.

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What is your design process? How do you choose/develop a new design for production?

It has to be something out of the ordinary. As of now, we’re working with a Flemish designer to create a “Day of the Dead” collection. It’s great to travel the world and see how some Mexican traditions have found their way above walls. The collection will feature skull-modeled furniture in our assortment of colors. “Las catrinas” are the inspiration for this collection; they are representations of the dead that are painted in very bright colors. Anyone who has visited a Mexican beach must have seen them.

Our design process is closer to sculpture. For one of our vendors, we did an amazing collection of butterfly chairs and sunflower tables.

Which pieces are your biggest sellers?

Chairs! My wife can always simply find a way to fit another one in our house. Besides, chairs are welcoming. More seating space means more people can be invited.

What exciting new things are you working on?

Besides the above-mentioned skull collection, we’re working on developing new finishes… This year we will introduce a velvet finish that will both raise our number of followers, as well as that of our haters!


As Reynoso says, people have a love or hate relationship with pieces that are this bold. We’re definitely on the love side of the equation and think that any home could be enhanced with just one piece of this audacious furniture.



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