Chubby Brothers dining table

Brian Lee has come up with a puzzling piece of furniture. It’s a dining table that appears as a solid block of wood until the chairs are removed. The chairs perfectly fit in those spaces, allowing the users to save quite a lot of space. And that’s not all. The table further breaks down into 6 pieces, just to ease your work when trying to get it inside. The pieces will now fit the door and inside you can simply assemble it the way it was.

It terms of design, this dining table has a natural look, featuring the original wood color. It has a lacquered finish for a shiny look and for more resistance and durability. It’s a four-person dining table so it’s great for a small family. It comes with fur matching chairs that are actually part of the design.

It’s a great table for small apartments. Because the chairs can be completely tucked in, you’ll be saving some space and your table will have a neat and clean look. When not used as a dining table, it’s design allows it to be used as a bar for example.

It’s a very versatile piece of furniture, perfect for small places. It’s also fun as it gives you the illusion of a solid block until the chairs are removed.

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