Chic Jexa mirror

Mirrors are one of the few decorative items that are also useful. As soon as people discovered their incredible functionality they’ve quickly become compulsory in any home. Nowadays there’s no bathroom without a mirror. Also, they are very common in the hallway or even in the bedroom.

Here is a beautiful mirror that could be easily integrated in almost any room of the house. Jexa is an interesting piece, with an inner mirror with a 1.25’’ bevel surrounded by beveled squares and a mitered mirror frame. The details are exquisite and add style and elegance. Such a chic mirror could even become a focal point of attention in any space.

The Jexa mirror is handcrafted of mirrored glass and wood composite. It’s simple and delicate, not too decorated but neither too simple and plain. The squares are a beautiful detail and they integrate really well in this design. The dimensions of the mirror are 32.5″W x 2.25″D x 47.5″T. It can be purchased for $425.00. Because of its design, It’s a very versatile piece that be used just about anywhere. You can have it in your bedroom, in the hallway, even in the bathroom if you feel it’s appropriate and matches the rest of the décor.

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The mirror is easy to mount on the wall and it can be placed in any free space you have. You can also use your creativity and make it part of a more complex décor.



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