Change your room style with a yellow coffee table

If we think for a moment, we all need coffee tables, either we drink coffee, or not. We all have guests, who we want to serve them drinks, or perhaps a snack. Or if we lay in our comfortable sofa and we want to watch a good movie, we need something to put the popcorn and juice, because it is unhygienic to put them down, or on the couch.

Another problem is the table pattern, because we want something very modern, or very vintage, or something unusual that fits our furniture. Here, we have an interesting coffee table, equally modern and timeless, designed by Worlds Away Furniture and Lighting.This company borrows the geometric motifs from mid-century and updates them with contemporary colors, resulting the Changright coffee table. Its dimensions are 40”W x 20”D x 16,5”D, and it is made from solid hardwoods covered in yellow lacquer finish.

The table top is made of inset, beveled  glass, and below, we can see three separate pieces of wood which make a beautiful design, perfect for our living rooms or terraces. I think this piece of furniture is an epitome of transitional style with contemporary lines and traditional materials, unexpected colors and finishes, and a sophisticated aesthetic which saves our chambers from being monotonous, with an airy, open vibe.Available for $1,010.

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