Burnt wood furniture by Hilla Shamia

The type of furniture that Hilla Shamia creates is a new and original form of art. The main idea behind these designs is to combine aluminum and wood and to form a new and innovating concept. As you can see, the two materials are combined and there are no clear limits between them.

The furniture created by Hilla Shamia is a combination of cast aluminum and wood. It includes pieces such as benches, tables and chairs. You can actually see the wood and all its details. The pieces are made using actual tree trunks. The tree trunk is entirely preserved. It maintains its form and texture while it’s combined with cast aluminum. The result is a square-shaped piece featuring these two materials. The final look is less natural than expected.

This is a more modern approach to other similar concepts. It’s a way of bringing a piece of nature into our homes but in a different and artificial way. It’s not just the fact that the wood is combined with aluminum that makes this collection so different from the other ones. It’s also the artistic side of the designs. The burnt wood has an intense visual impact. Also, this is a way of turning something negative, such as the action of destroying and burning the wood, into something beautiful with aesthetic value.

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