Built-In Furniture: Advantages And Things To Consider

Built-ins are a very special type of furniture. They could be considered the opposite of free-standing furniture. The main characteristic of built-in furniture is that is allows you to create that smooth transition between spaces and that coherent décor that makes your home feel airy.Built-in furniture looks like a part of the house itself and this allows it to beautifully blend in for an overall minimalist appearance.

Traditional bedroom featuring a full wall of wooden built-ins

Built-ins come with several other advantages. They blend in into the décor rather than standing out and this makes them suitable for minimalist contemporary interiors. And because of that, a large built-in piece of furniture can look more slender and smaller than a free-standing one with the same dimensions.

Traditional living room with built-in storage and display shelvesModern media room featuring built-in shelves with lighting

Moreover, built-ins provide lots of storage. They can occupy an entire wall without making the room feel considerably smaller. They help create a cohesive look throughout and can be combined and coordinated with the rest of the décor. Another great thing about built-ins is that they can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Finally, lighting can also be easily integrated into the built-in furniture and this can also be a great advantage.

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Modern basement featuring built-in wall unit with lighting and mirrored doors
Contemporary dining room featuring built-in shelves on a pink backgroundTraditional living room with built-in display shelves around the fireplaceModern living room with a wall of built-in storage compartments and a TV in the center

But besides deciding that you prefer built-in furniture in the detriment of free-standing pieces is not enough. Before you start searching for designs and before you make measurements, you need to think about what you’ll be using it for. For example, if you want to use the built=ins for storage, think about what you’ll be storing in them. This will help you decide on the dimensions.

Practical built-in storage shelves in the bathroom for easy accessTraditional kitchen featuring a built-in breakfast nookMediterranean dining room with a built-in wall unit for storage

Then you also need to consider the overall dimensions of the room. Even if built-ins can blend in more easily, they can still be overwhelming in a small room. After that, search the magazines and the internet for photos of built-ins that you like. After everything else has been decided, all you have to do is either ask a professional to custom design your furniture or go buy a model that you like.

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