Bronze Reindeer Napkin Ring

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock is ticking and there is less and less time until Christmas. Every year all the people are looking forward for this special holiday and enjoy every moment of it and also every moment of expectation preceding it. And finally Christmas Eve comes every time and Santa Claus, too. And the animal we immediately associate with this old guy is the reindeer. So why don’t we use all kinds of Christmas decorations for the home that are shaped like reindeer? They are fun to look at and always bring a smile on your face. This Bronze Reindeer Napkin Ring is the proof that I need for my words.

It is simple in design, yet so nice. It is made of bronze in the shape of a reindeer that is attached to a bronze ring, especially made for holding your napkin. Of course, you do not use napkin rings every day, but only on special occasions like the Christmas dinner, so the reindeer napkin ring seems like a good choice. The ring is made of iron with bronze finish and is manufactured in India.  It offers a fresh and festive perspective to the dinner table and brings a bit of celebration air into your home. You can purchase the item now for $2.95 from Crate&Barrel.

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