Bring Your Car inside your Home

Cars lovers all over the world, there’s a way for you to bring your passion inside your home.These new and innovative pieces of furniture will bring luxury in your home because they have a very fancy designed. This contemporary way of decorating your room will make you feel proud of your living room every time you see it. The entire purpose of these objects is to approach to the term “interior” in a very unique way. And, they look amazing. They are the dream come true of every car collector. Imagine how will they look near your car collection. They will complete it.

Made from old or modern car parts and of course using materials like essences of tropical trees, gold, gems, decorative stone, carbon and the finest leathers this pieces of furniture will give your home a stylish and unique atmosphere. You only have to have the courage to buy them and met them in your favorite place from your house.

And, you don’t have to take care of the safe transportation, because they will be transported in specially designed CTRS boxes (CARSOFA Transport-Ready-System) to virtually anywhere in the world. And, if you are in the Center of Europe, the transport with service vehicles will be assured. Don’t think too much, if you loved them when you first saw them, or if you ever had the desire to bring your car sofa inside your home, now you have another solution.

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